researchers in china

UC Davis is working with in-country partners to 1) improve information access and 2) move from information to action.

The goal of e-China Apple is to work as part of the larger Cornell-managed "China Apple" project to help increase incomes of poor farmers in China (especially women farmers) while producing safer apples for the millions of consumers in China and around the world. Areas of interest are:

  • Dwarf orchards (production, postharvest and markets)
  • The use of information communication technology (ICT) to make information more accessible to those helping farmers.

e-China Apple is a collaboration supported by the Walmart Foundation in partnership with:

  • UC Davis
  • Cornell University
  • Shandong Agricultural University, Qingdao Agricultural University, and Shandong Extension Division of Fruits and Teas
  • Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University and Shaanxi Fruit Bureau

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